Presbytery of Port Phillip West

Pastoral Relations Committee

Pastoral Relations Committee is commonly known as PRC and is one of the specified committees of the Presbytery in the UCA Regulations. 3.7.2 (a)

Ministry of the PRC

The Ministry of the PRC is to Seek to stimulate and encourage healthy ministry placements and ministry agents so that the work of God and the worship, witness and service of the church can flourish.

Role of PRC

The Role of PRC is to;

  • Have oversight of Ministry Agents* and Ministry Contexts– this may include reviewing, helping, disciplining, counselling, keeping records, being available, and providing pastoral care and supervision. 
  • Support good communication and pastoral relationships between ministry agents an ministry contexts. 
  • Deal with matters of conflict, concern or complaint according to the UCA regulations and policies of the Presbytery. 
  • Deal with matters relating to the placement or appointment of ministry agents including (but not limited to) approval of supply ministry for congregations, changes to Terms of Placements for Ministers and conclusions of placements. See Filling a Ministry Vacancy Steps Document
  • PRC will provide reports on ministers and congregations to the whole of Presbytery when required. See Life and Witness vs Mission Study Document/ sample format for consultations
  • Ensuring that all ministry agents are fulfilling the necessary requirements and responsibilities of their ministry including (but not limited to) attendance at Code of Ethics Training, Safe Church Training, that they are regularly meeting with their supervisor etc. 
  • Approve individuals to preside at the sacraments when a minister is not available.

Members of PRC

All members are elected by the Presbytery in Council meeting. Some members can be co-opted by the committee or appointed by Standing Committee. The Chair is appointed by the Presbytery.

Chairperson:   Mr Bruce Missen                     

Secretary:   Marie Craw                   

Presbytery Staff: Rev Narelle Collas, Rev Linley Liersch

Members:      Annette Buckley, Lorraine Leitch,  Riana Kok, Audrey Kateena, Peter Mitchell