Presbytery of Port Phillip West

Mission, Strategy & Education Committee


“It is not the Church of God that has a mission. It is the God of Mission that has a Church.” (Williams, R 2004, Mission Shaped Church). If it is true that the God of Mission has a Church. Then it is our part to participate in and witness to the wonder of God’s Mission. Mission is a term that can be used broadly, and correctly, to mean all that we do as a church. Or it can be used in a narrower way, specifically referring to outreach into the community.


We recognise that the Uniting Church at the moment need strategy more than ever before, locally for congregations and regionally for presbytery. We recognise that the old maps of ministry may not be working anymore and we need to write new maps to engage with the world around us.


Christian Education, Continuing Education (For those in placement), or a pathway of discipleship are all different facets of education that we seek to provide for as MSE Committee. We also hope to offer formation for everyone engaged in mission.

Members of Mission, Strategy & Education Committee

All members are elected by the Presbytery in Council meeting. Some members can be co-opted by the committee or appointed by Standing Committee. The Chair is appointed by the Presbytery.

Chairperson:   Dr James Thom                 

Secretary:  Marie Craw                    

Presbytery Staff: Rev Linley Liersch and Rev Narelle Collas 

Members:    Alanee Hearnshaw, Diane Wookey, Rev Janet Munro,  Dorothy Parkes, Kelvin Hodge, Luciana Aragon, Sue Waddell.