Presbytery of Port Phillip West

Presbytery in Council Committee

Presbytery in Council

The Presbytery meet four times a year – normally in February, May, August and November. We gather for worship, approve reports and make decisions to support and encourage the work of the Congregations and Ministers across the Presbytery in worship, witness and service and joining with God in God’s mission in the world.

Role of Presbytery in Council

The Presbytery is responsible for

  • Oversight of Ministers and Congregations within its bounds including placements and appointments of ministry agents. (PRC)
  • Elect people to committees and councils of the church including Synod and Assembly
  • Recognise and withdraw recognition of congregations and faith communities.
  • Approve the strategic plan and budget for the Presbytery
  • Make arrangements for contributions of funds (Mission and Service Giving) by congregations for the purposes of the Presbytery, the Synod and the Assembly (APF)
  • Ordination, Accreditation and Recognition of Specified Ministries
  • Selection and oversight of Candidates (MFC)
  • Oversight of lay preachers (MSE)
  • Administration – submit reports to Synod, deal with all property matters (APF)
  • the promotion and conduct throughout the Presbytery activities that will encourage and instruct the people generally toward a better understanding and a fuller participation in the whole range of Christian witness and service.
  • co-ordinate Life and Witness Consultations with Congregations (normally every 5 years)
  • Deal with complaints
  • Promoting the wider aspects of the work of the church

Members of Presbytery in Council


  • The Chairperson and Secretary of Presbytery and any other officers as determined by the Presbytery.
  • All Ministers, Pastors, Chaplains or other lay people classified as in active service.
  • One confirmed lay member elected by each congregation/ faith community, or two from congregations over 150.
  • Two confirmed members of any other body that the Presbytery determines.
  • The Presbytery can co-op persons it deems necessary – however it must maintain the balance of lay and ordained.